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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When did you choose to be Gay?

When did you choose to be gay?

When I found out that there was a choice, at first, I was in shock... "whaaat, there's another option????" So first I looked at my friends, saw how easy stuff was for them. Then, I looked at the gay people getting beat up around me and thought "well damn, that's what I want for myself!" ... so I chose gay.

Because I chose to be gay, I spent the first 19 years of my life living in fear.
Because I chose to be gay, my parents hated me after I told them about my choice.
If only I had chosen to take the easy social path, like all you people who chose to be straight.

I've met other people who also chose to be gay, we talk about the moment when we realized there was a choice. Sometimes we talk about when we learned about the gay lifestyle and how it limits our legal capabilities; some of us thought that hospital visitation rights were just silly and petty. Who would want family members who love you, choose gay!!!

But to answer your question: When did I choose to become gay??
It was the same time I realized that gay was an option, because if gay is an option, straight is one too. So while all my other friends were choosing to remain straight, I knew I was a bit different.

I knew I was a bit different very early on: I liked Barbies, I liked theater, I liked looking at the guys in underwear ads. And since I somehow liked all this stuff before I realized there was a choice, it seemed fitting....

.... but wait a minute......

if I liked Barbies and stuff before discovering about the possibility of a choice, then maybe I was gay before the concept of a choice was even considered.....

but if that's true.... that would mean....

that being gay is not a damn choice. It's inherent, kiddo.... just like skin color, eye color, baldness or being straight.