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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The YouTube/ Ignite Speech

This is a 5 minute introduction/description of everything here on the blog, in case some are visiting for the first time.

Please, don't hesitate to share this video with all your friends. Chances are, you know someone who will benefit from the connectivity.


Colors Meeting (3/23/2012)

115 Christina Landing, Wilmington, DE/Christiana Towers

We all agree about the importance to bring awareness to many sensitive subjects that affect the GBLTQ community. As we, look to overcome hate crime related offenses, we are also seeking to find ways to educate and be part of a solution in hopes of creating a friendly bond between students, campus faculty members and the general public.

Our goal is to empower our students and teach them that “it will get better”, no matter what challenges “we” are facing, together we can bring fruitful change.

As we begin this journey to bring on change in our campus, we are getting ready to formally introduce our new club “Colors”, to our campus and others interested in attending. In light of spring approaching, it only felt right to name this event: “GBLTQ MIXER”.

LOCATION: 115 Christina Landing Drive Wilmington, DE

One of the two towers on the river front. Just following Market street from town. Take the first left after you go over the bridge. The event will take place in the club house of the first floor.

As a friendly reminder, please help spread the word to our professors, and our classmates, you can also post it on your Facebook page.

We hope you can join us.

For more information please contact:

Waleed Floyd
President "COLORS" Wilminton/Stanton Campus

Rita Laboy
Vice President "COLORS"
DTCC/Wilmington/Stanton Campus

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Did you know:

In case you were ever curious, you're welcome. :)

Sunday Wisdom

It is a great error that we perceive happiness as a thunderous flash of excitement. Our search for that flash blinds us from seeing happiness present in every moment.