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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Pseudo- Rant / Charge to Action

To all my LGBT family members of Delaware,

Firstly, I want to praise the community for how far we've gotten already: the Civil Union Bill, wow! that's huge!!!

It pains me to hear people complain that Delaware's LGBT community isn't very well established. Ironically, I've heard new gay/lesbian individuals to the state praise Delaware for its surprising population. The question now is: What can Delaware do to become more of an LGBT hotspot?

The answer lies in you, the people; not the state's 8 primary organizations that cater to the needs of the LGBT community. How frequently has it been said that people hope for "they" to start a new event, or for "they" to open a new bar, or for "they" to open more gay-friendly venues. But who is "they"? Is it Delaware Pride? CAMP Rehoboth? AIDs Delaware? These organizations are all phenomenal groups, run by heroes in our community, who do extraordinary things; but sometimes they have so much red tape or limited budgets that they can't initiate every newest thing. Which means the answer, once again, is you: the people of Delaware.

Delaware, this is your charge for action. If you would like to see something happen, please understand that many of these great events or congregations must happen from the ground up. It's you, it's us, who needs to take the responsibility upon our own shoulders to gather for coffee/cocktails, to fly your own rainbow flags or to open your own cute pet boutique. If you would like to see a new LGBT event started, do the research then motivate yourself and your friends to establish it. This is entirely possible. At the heart of it all, anyone who complains, cares. And anyone who cares, should also have the motivation to be proactive.

Delaware, with the passing of the Civil Union Bill, please have the courage to step out your doors with your head held a little higher. For more info or motivation, check out the "Chain of Links" off the the right for a list of the organizations serving our community and get involved. You are your own future.

Love always,
Delaware GLU

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