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Monday, January 30, 2012

Consider this:

It is a great error that we perceive happiness as a thunderous flash of excitement. Our search for that flash blinds us from seeing happiness present in every moment.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Note to Consider

This letter was sent to Delaware GLU's Facebook page from Mary Post:

Hello everyone,

As you may not know, I am on the board of the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We are looking at “revisiting” the GL concerns task force that was in existence about 3 or 4 years ago. We are looking to have a meeting in March 2012 in order to explore if a task force for GLBT concerns would be something of use in Delaware or if there are other avenues to assist in helping members of the community who are experiencing Domestic Abuse/Violence in their relationships.

At this point we do see a need to educate the community that same-sex partners can get Protection from Abuse through Family Courts as well as educating those who work in the field about being GLBT friendly through their use of language, signage and inclusiveness. There are concerns about the shelter systems, not just in Delaware, but all over the country and if they are able to work well with our community and see the unique needs that we face.

The idea is to have a discussion – a needs assessment if you will – to help us determine the best way to move forward. As I wrote the meeting most likely will be in March of 2012. I do not have the location yet but I know that we can arrange for teleconferencing.

If you know of anyone who would like to attend this meeting or would like more information please contact me. We are looking for community service providers, therapists, shelter workers, advocates, members of faith communities, etc. – so PLEASE FORWARD THIS!!

My information is below.

Thank you,

302-658-7174 x22

January is Now.

Sorry about the first few missed days:


9: Pride meeting (Wilmington)7pm Brandywine Library, also the Rainbow Chorale Auditions(Wilmington)6pm Westminster Pres Church
12: PFLAG meeting (Wilmington) 7pm Westminster Pres Church
13: Wilmington Art Loop
14: Renaissance meeting
16: Rainbow Chorale Auditions 6pm (Wilmington)
19: Our Night Out 6pm (Wilmington) Piccolina Toscana
29: Anita's Angels 8pm (Clue Parrot, Wilmington), Amateur Drag Extravaganza 9pm (Club 3, Wilmington)

If you know of any events not yet listed, please email me:
delawareglu@gmail.com or jjsielskijr@comcast.net

Sorry for the delay

Has it been a month already?!

My how time flies when you're being lazy.

Happy 2012... now lets get back to work!